Letter received from DEC in receipt of £4000 raised by CHERISH

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The Disasters Emergency Committee ('DEC') includes the following charities as its member agencies:

Tear Fund
British Red Cross
Save the Children
Christian Aid
Help the Aged
Merlin, Concern
Action Aid
World Vision

Question to DEC:
'Could you tell me how much of my money actually goes to help the victims in the disaster?'

Answer from DEC
There are no administration costs incurred for our Appeals.

'The costs charged to our Appeal are for fundraising, which is a maximum of 2% of the total funds raised
and a further 1% for our evaluation report process, which is eventually posted on our website.
This report enables the British public to read how the DEC member agencies spent the funds
and also demonstrates accountability and transparency.

As you will note this is a maximum possible spend and therefore it is important to emphasise
that the more we raised the less we spend.
On average 98p in every £1 is spent on providing emergency relief aid.'

Items already donated to CHERISH for fundraising for Cancer Research UK will be reserved for that purpose.
Therefore anything that is used to raise funds for the DEC Tsunami Appeal comes from my personal collection
or has been donated for that purpose.