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Each of these 2 special sets created for CHERISH by Beanie Tenjishitsu
is based on the idea of a tour guide taking a break in Battery Park, New York
'I Love NY' Ty Beanie (the NY Show Exclusive version)
is dressed as the Statue of Liberty and works in Battery Park
where he guides tourists to the pier where they can
take the boat to see the Statue of Liberty.

The guide takes a break in Battery Park, Manhattan and exchanges his torch for an ice cream cone.
He enjoys relaxing in the park with his ice cream.
The bench has a heart shaped hole cut in the back and a bow of Ty ribbon stuck to it.
It sits on a base which has a label on it:
''Ice-cream Break" Special Model for CHERISH.
As he gazes at the Manhattan skyline he is saddened as he looks at the space where the Twin Towers once stood.
His ear tag (serially numbered /2) has a poem expressing his feelings.
I'm here in my territory, Battery Park.
I'm busy acting as a guide to the Statue.
When tired, I prefer eating ice-cream at this bench.
I remember the pair of skyscrapers that soared over there.
When I see the beautiful sky, tears sparkle in my eyes.
Included are a Map of Manhattan, a souvenir ticket for a cruise to the Statue of Liberty
& a CHERISH peace card
The Book represents the Declaration of Independence and is dated July 1776
A 'Big Apple' acts as a sign & the Guide wears a serially numbered Information pin badge which says: I Love NY & TY
The bear holds an ice cream cone reminiscent of the torch that rests by his side.
He wears a CHERISH peace ear tag and the new CHERISH peace neck tag.
An origami crane for peace is included in this package

Also a bag from the Statue of Liberty Museum Store

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