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of 'When You Wish Upon Star'

A series of special auctions in December 2005 in aid of two charities

Cancer Research UK is a registered charity No. 1089464


Registered Charity No. 1060963
Dream making for sick chidren

Cancer Research UK is the world's leading independent charity
dedicated to research on the causes, treatment and prevention of cancer.

Cancer Research UK funds the clinical trials work of the United Kingdom Children's Cancer Study Group.
UKCCSG has over 500 members working in its 22 centres
including about 60 corresponding members from other countries around the world.
The organisation works to improve the management of children with cancer
and to advance the knowledge and study of childhood malignancy.

'When You Wish Upon a Star' is a UK charity
which fulfils the wishes of children from 2yrs to 16yrs old
who have a life threatening or terminal illness.
'A dream is a Wish the heart makes.
As long as our brave children dream a Wish,
we can and will, make their dream come true.'

The highlight of the Charity's year is each December to charter 4 planes
and take 400 children to Lapland to meet the real Father Christmas...

...that trip is currently underway and CHERISH wishes
everyone the most wonderful time.

For sale was one of a series of 10 Ty Beanie Babies:


special tags and accessories

with CHERISH collect for life Xmas 2005 ear tag
and CHERISH Guardian Angel Special Edition tag

Star will come in 'heavenly' packaging of clear cellophane, gold angel confetti and white and gold tissue paper. A special gift card in enclosed and can be personalised to you or to a gift recipient - just ask!
Star's gold star has been beaded with gold and white beads (by Sue Owen).
Around her neck a beautiful beaded angel (by Linda Thomasen) hangs from a thin satin ribbon.
Star's bean bag seat (by Andy Brook and Joyce Tunks) is made from a wonderful angel bear print fabric.
Star wears an angel pin in her right ear.
Star wears the CHERISH collect for life Xmas 2005 gold and white satin ribbon around her neck.
She has a CHERISH Guardian Angel Special Edition tag in her wing. Behind that is another tag, made from holographic card, with the number of the bear (1-10)
This tag was created solely for this edition and another edition (of Halo and Blessed Beanies) sold out in just a few hours from the CHERISH website on December 10th.

Star Beanie was released by Ty on 30th October, 2003
with a birthday of 19th November 2003.
Star was retired on 24th June, 2004.
Star's hang tag poem reads:

"Our angel watches over you
When you are sad or feeling blue
Our angel is your special friend
Whose love for you will never end!"

Star comes with a special card with a
hand-painted angel on it
(you will receive either gold or silver)
as well as a folded CHERISH Christmas card (which can be personalised)
and a special
CHERISH 2006 calendar magnet

Finally, the sweetest of treats is included,
thanks to Andy Brook!
A Herschey Kiss Angel!

Buy It Now auctions were listed one at a time
A final (regular) auction was listed for the #1 of the edition.